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Services we offer and equipment, available for rent.

Do you have a clean-up job to do in your house or yard, but you don't have the equipment? Local Janitorial Group can help. We can do any cleaning for you. However if it is something you would do yourselves we can rent out equipment, just check if we have the rental you need.  Local Janitorial Group, is a rental company that also can come in and does all kinds of cleaning and maintenance for you.

Rental is designed especially if you need the equipment or tool for a one or two-time use, it would be a waste to purchase it. Rent, of course, is your best option. Even if you plan to buy you can first try it out for a day to be sure that you have the right device for the job. We rent our equipment for private use, and also for business use. Local Janitorial Group focus on the customer who needs a cleaning tool,  for a short period, but also offer the option of renting these types of products for a longer period, for example for the duration of construction, renovation or repair project, ask us for our best quote. Below are some of the equipments we rent out.

At Local janitorial Group, our number one pledge to customers is responsibility with integrity and fairness. It is the basis of every transaction. We guarantee that all our dealings with clients will be, honest first, and friendly in answering your questions and comments. All our interactions are professional. We are community-oriented and supportive of local and humanitarian causes